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Welcome the summer but be mindful of hydration!

Summer is here and so is the risk of dehydration. As you know our two third bodyweight is made up of water. Replacing lost water becomes absolutely critical for proper functioning of our metabolism and to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

What are the signs of dehydration?

. Dry mouth eyes and lips



.Dark urine

.Loss of appetite

.Dizziness/ Light headedness


Tips to remain hydrated

.Drink slowly and through out the day

.Invest into a water bottle,I would advise glass or metallic avoid plastic

.Check color and gauge amount of urine.

.Drink sugar free beverages preferable

.Include hydrating fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe ,cucumbers, berries and home made popsicles.

If you have symptoms of sever dehydration or heat stroke then call 911 and seek immediate care.

The symptoms include:

.Fever 101 or above

.Muscle twitching

.Red, hot and dry skin


.Nausea vomiting

.Very low urine output and lack of sweating

**Keeping hydration is important but the goals may be different depending on ones medical condition like congestive heart failure, dialysis patients and liver disease patient may need a different goal.

Please contact your primary physician to discuss your goal.

Happy Summer!!

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